Moment To Remember

i am sorry i am so sorry

i never meant to break Your heart

God what have i done?

Are you crying now?

i didnt want to see you crying or in pain.

i wanted to make You Happy.

But all i have done is put You in agony.

Oh my LOVE….. 🙂

dont get me wrong.

i only love You and only You.

i only think of You.

i only remember You.

How badly do i wish to show my Heart!

is there any way i can do that while memory remains?

Oh my heart racers.

I LOVE YOU only..

i dont want to forget that. And i must not.

can YOu see that?

can You feel my Heart?

i am afraid my just returned memory will leave me again

Before i tell You everythiing i have to say.

I LOVE YOU and i am SORRY.

i met YOU because i was forgetful.

i am leaving YOU becuse i am forgetful.

YOU were the best thing that ever happened to me.

How thankful i am to GOD for having send YOU as gift to me.

i dont have to remember YOU.

YOU are a part of me.

i smile, laugh and smell like YOU do

i might forget YOU

but nothing can drive YOU out of my body.

Although you have never told me You loved me…

i know deep in my heart that YOU love me..

forgive me for leaving YOU please….

For the last time i have a favor to ask.

For giving is just giving your hate a little room in your Heart?

can i ask you this

when the memory calls

i can talk about our LOVE story all over again

You are watcing me asleep and You in my Dream

will never fade away a memory to remember forever

you are tuning away

i cant hide my tears

i couldnt say i LOVE You

i Yearn for that time i had with YOu

MY beloved memory cannot be erased…

want to have a go again?????

You are so inconsiderate

You should have give me a chance.

How could You leave me like that?

i am all alone again.

Strangely i remember everything today

Maybe this is the last time

so i am writing to YOU while i can

i am doing well

You dont have to worry about me

You can forget me now to make us even.

Meet someone nice and be happy.

Dont lose YOUR temper YOU dont look cool (xept me) 🙂

You might not know it but YOU are the BEST…….

i know that for a fact becuse i was not such as so far or distance as other thinks

i know You better then others.


Dont try to find me  GOOD BYE 🙂

The saddest part is not that with each passing day i feel like i need YOU more but it is the fact that YOU dont need me at all….



My heart could not trust

The unfaithfulness You have shown

Your acts wrecked the essence

And admit that my silence lets you breathe

You will live with regrets for your actions

And I live with regret for not taking revenge

I could see the two of us getting apart

Because your willingness vanished

Everything we had and everything we shared

You put comms and full stops.

It starting fading away you washed it all

I blame you for unfaithfulness

And you can blame me for my silence.




SIKANDER I had perceived Indian movie promos several time which base on Kashmeer  so Recently I watched and examine as typical indian censure on Pakistan and also Kashmer Political system and Peace process on Kashmer by Politics. As my quip the whole plot of the movie is ridicules and implausible Being a Pakistani I was very curious about this movie becas myself little bit more attentive on Kashmer issu then others.

Few days before I was writing Pakistan india policy on kashmeer but this movie twisted my mind and became belligerent then I started my search on implausible India I found unbelievable facts which usually mysterious for us every Indian news channel broadcast and news paper publish even indian intellectuals comic propaganda or misinformation regarding Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal would slip into the hands of Taliban or extremists Muslim group in fact ignored that india nucler arsenal under terrorization from uncountable internal Indian terrorist groups like most dodgy and vigorous Maoist/Naxqlite. Maoist/Naxalite forces are gaining control of 35% of India. Recently I heard news from one of my Indian net friend that Indian Nuclear power plant scientist Mr. Mahalingam went missing or kidnapped by NAXALITE/ Maoist. Then i examine Indian epapers and youtube my search opened the RED CORRIDOR of india.

  This was the second time Mr. Mahalingam went missing. Earlier while working at Kalpakkam nuclear power plant in Tamil nadu he was reported missing for few days but had returned home later. It mystery over the disappearance of the Indian Nuclear power plant scientist, This time he never returned. Someone killed him.

Ending the mystery over the disappearance of the Indian Nuclear power plant scientist Mahalingam indina naval divers on Saturday recovered his body from the Kali river, six days after he went missing.

But question is who killed the Indian nuclear scientists? This is not the first time Indian nuclear scientists are killed. Another Vikram was killed by two Christian woman spies sent to him in Kovalam by a foreign agency. Homi Bhabha was killed in a plane crash created by a foreign spy agency booth India’s progress science and technology.

On the other hand  western foreign agencies are in India these days. They buy the whole parliament and implant foreign agent at the very top these days. Then who killed the Indian nuclear scientists this time? Were the Islamic or Kashmiri Freedom fighters behind this heinous act?

It is the easiest thing for Indian agencies media and political parties to put garbage on Pakistan’s head this time also, but the situation cannot be publicized so easily. Presently it is the matter of India’s own and most important matter of weakness and lapses in internal security arrangements. One can ask that if Indian Scientists are so vulnerable prey to terrorists like Maoist/Naxalite or revolutionary groups or extremists inside India, then how India can assure the world that it’s Nuclear Arsenal is safe and secure.

The possible take over of Indian Nuclear Arsenal by Maoist/Naxalite is an important issue and needs the attention of super powers of the world. The Maoists have declared the Chintainer area as their Dandekaran state’s capital Red corridor.

It seems that the Maoists are interested in enlarging their area of influence outside the jungles of the ‘Red Corridor’ that runs from the Nepal border. Lately, they have begun targeting India’s seat of power  Newdelhi  and many other cities by setting up urban bases with the aim to break in and influence policy makers, judiciary media civil liberty human rights cultural dalit women and youth organisations.

Highly classified maps and reports of the Central intelligence agencies accessed that the Maoist/Naxalite-affected areas now include certain parts of the National Capital Region and neighbouring states. At some places, they have been teaching how to fire guns and make bombs and land mines.

Even indian PM Manmohan Singh described the Naxalite problem as the single largest threat to India.

According to a confidential report of the indiamilitary intelligence India’s 231 districts in 13 states including three in the NCR are now being targeted by the Maoist to achieve its ultimate aim. So far it was believed that about 170 districts falling under the dreaded ‘Red Corridor’or  under the Maoist terror. The ‘Red Corridor’ runs through the dense forest and tribal belt from Nepal through Bihar, Jharkhand and all the way to Andhra Pradesh and to the upper reaches of Maharashtra.

Most intresting thing that inside their corridor the Naxalites run a parallel government and vow to continue their fight against the state a full fledged war they call people’s struggle like Kashmeer. All the Leftwing militant organisations including the Maoist Communist Centre (MCC) and the People’s War Group (PWG), after their merger are now operating under the flagship revolutionary party.

The Central Committee of Maoist has published a secret red book ‘Strategy and Tactics of the Indian Revolution’, which is said to be the Naxals’ Bible. The book says: The central task of the revolution is seizure of political power through protracted People’s war.

Talking about supporting sub national movements in India the boook says: Lakhs of enemy’s armed troops have been deployed since long in Kashmeer and the north eastern states. More and more nationalities may come into armed confrontation with the reactionary Indian state?, so it will be difficult for the Indian ruling classes to mobilise all their armed forces against our revolutionary war.

Deaths related to violence

Violence has peaked in India from Maoist or Naxalite separatist violence being more dangerous to India’s national security, as declared by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

From the Ministry of Home Affairs it has been stated that:

  • 1996: 156 deaths [16]
  • 1997: 428 deaths[16]
  • 1998: 270 deaths[16]
  • 1999: 363 deaths[16]
  • 2000: 50 deaths[16]
  • 2001: 100+ deaths[16]
  • 2002: 140 deaths[16]
  • 2003: 451 deaths[16]
  • 2004: 500+ deaths[16]
  • 2005: 892 deaths
  • 2006: 749 deaths
  • 2007: (as of September 30, 2007) 384 deaths[17]

(related to Naxalite insurgency)[18]

  • 2008: 938 casualties (including 38 Maoists).[19]


  • 2009: Naxalites separatists struck at the first phase of elections on 16 April, 2009 in Bihar, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand killing 18 civilians and security forces. Later, on 23 April, 2009, they also struck in the second phase of polling in Jamshedpur and surrounding areas in Jharkhand injuring several member of the polling party. May 2009: 16 police die in suspected Maoist attack [21]

The BBC maintains that upwards of 6,000 people have died in the Naxal uprising.[5]


The issue of Maoist is more deadly and more serious than handful of Talibans Naxals/Maoists have taken complete control of a large territory and Indian Army is unable to confront them right now. Indian politicians though raise finger towards China but the main reason is surely the growing social injustice and wildly spreading poverty in many regions inside India.

World is closing its eyes from the issue as Maoists/Naxals are non Muslims. The world ignored the matter similarly when Khmer Rouge in Cambodia built the tower of human skulls to finally catch world’s attention.

This should be understood by the world that Maoists/Naxals are same type of communists breed like we saw in the case of Khmer Rouge when human blood was drained like water and catastrophe was unimaginable to many.

The power of Maoists is spreading and strengthening. Global awakening is too little and India is deliberately hiding this issue from the world’s eye just to paint itself as a safe nation. In clear facts these blood thirsty groups have enormous power and Taliban have no comparison to their expertise, weaponry and man power and lot more. 

Recent American deal with India to provide Civil Nuclear Technology is a positive development. The reactors which India will build after this deal would definitely be safe and according to the international standards of safety and security. But the question arises, what will be the fate of those outdated Reactors which were built on the basis of obsolete Russian technology? Majority of those have been perished, ill maintained and alarmingly dangerous when nuclear contamination and leakages are expected.

My searched found some other serious unheard and horrifying facts regarding indian nuclear program. which has serious revelations and if not considered properly may result in a huge catastrophe many times higher than Chernobyl where people who lived around paid enormous price and facing the aftermath till now.

The world cannot ignore the fact that Indian Nuclear Program and security arrangements cannot meet the international standards they are extremely outdated and obsolete. Most importantly the kidnapping and killing of nuclear scientists and possible slippage of information to deadly forces like Maoist/Naxalite and other revolutionary groups operating inside India may take the world to even bigger loss than 9/11. The time has come when India should be asked questions about the security arrangements and proper assistance should be extended to India most importantly by USA under the new deal to refurbish and secure the Nuclear Assets of India.

I should say strongly yes the alarming bells are slowly raising their volume the question is who will hear that first???

Can America ignore this threat when Delhi comes under control of Maoists and Nuclear Arsenal would be distributed easily for billions of dollars to many terrorists groups around the world?

Can America bear this security threat or have decided to ignore it?

Can we say that American people are blind towards this bitter fact that this time the disaster would be even bigger than 9/11 as Maoists have strong relations with their Communist friends like North Korea which has become living enemy of USA?

Can Mr. Obama be able to justify to his nation that he has ignored a threat which is enormously high than what he expects from Al Qaeda??

More importantly the lawlessness in Naxals Area and lack of Government Control can also help Al Qaeda to breed another indirect force to carry out their operations and inflict heavy loss to USA. Ignoring this visible threat would be a clear carelessness from the part of Obama Administration!!

World should watch the next threat closely. It’s Naxal/Maoist Communist’s threat.