Moment To Remember

i am sorry i am so sorry

i never meant to break Your heart

God what have i done?

Are you crying now?

i didnt want to see you crying or in pain.

i wanted to make You Happy.

But all i have done is put You in agony.

Oh my LOVE….. 🙂

dont get me wrong.

i only love You and only You.

i only think of You.

i only remember You.

How badly do i wish to show my Heart!

is there any way i can do that while memory remains?

Oh my heart racers.

I LOVE YOU only..

i dont want to forget that. And i must not.

can YOu see that?

can You feel my Heart?

i am afraid my just returned memory will leave me again

Before i tell You everythiing i have to say.

I LOVE YOU and i am SORRY.

i met YOU because i was forgetful.

i am leaving YOU becuse i am forgetful.

YOU were the best thing that ever happened to me.

How thankful i am to GOD for having send YOU as gift to me.

i dont have to remember YOU.

YOU are a part of me.

i smile, laugh and smell like YOU do

i might forget YOU

but nothing can drive YOU out of my body.

Although you have never told me You loved me…

i know deep in my heart that YOU love me..

forgive me for leaving YOU please….

For the last time i have a favor to ask.

For giving is just giving your hate a little room in your Heart?

can i ask you this

when the memory calls

i can talk about our LOVE story all over again

You are watcing me asleep and You in my Dream

will never fade away a memory to remember forever

you are tuning away

i cant hide my tears

i couldnt say i LOVE You

i Yearn for that time i had with YOu

MY beloved memory cannot be erased…

want to have a go again?????

You are so inconsiderate

You should have give me a chance.

How could You leave me like that?

i am all alone again.

Strangely i remember everything today

Maybe this is the last time

so i am writing to YOU while i can

i am doing well

You dont have to worry about me

You can forget me now to make us even.

Meet someone nice and be happy.

Dont lose YOUR temper YOU dont look cool (xept me) 🙂

You might not know it but YOU are the BEST…….

i know that for a fact becuse i was not such as so far or distance as other thinks

i know You better then others.


Dont try to find me  GOOD BYE 🙂

The saddest part is not that with each passing day i feel like i need YOU more but it is the fact that YOU dont need me at all….


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