Training doesn’t cost, it pays.

Why support education and training for a broadcast
or production staff?

Is technology moving faster than your staff’s skills? Do you have engineers and operators that aren’t up-to-date on your latest equipment and systems? Have the demands of HD and handling multi-formats created workflow problems or caused on-air mistakes? These failures can cost you money.

Broadcast Engineering has partnered with Obor Digital to create an introductory series of training workshops targeted specifically to broadcast operations and engineering staffs.

These courses are designed to: Introduce new technology, solutions and operations to younger staff members Provide a structured and thorough review for your more experienced staff.

All this is contained in an Internet, self-paced, complete program accessible from any computer. Each training module is complete with multiple sections covering each key aspect of the course. The material is presented over the Net via audio and visual presentations. Animated graphics bring the technology to life, increasing comprehension and retention. The training may be started and stopped according the student’s schedule.

The training is provided in an easy-to-learn and retain format. Your staff will find the material interesting and tailored to their jobs. It’s practical, useful information. With the proper training, operators and engineers become more efficient and knowledgeable in their duties. Workflow improves–reducing costs and mistakes.

The courses are prepared by industry experts and former broadcast consultants. These people know what’s required to operate production rooms, master control centers, newsrooms and network facilities. They’ve been in those positions, faced these challenges and designed solutions.

Asad Gorsi
Broadcast Engineer
Pakistan Fixedia – Portfolio.