GHOSTS of (170 million People of PAKISTAN)


When I was thinking about today’s topic meanwhile light bhummmmm as per daily rotten electricity problem at the same time my sweet Tetli (Butterfly) came and called me , I could not identify her then hardly found her. She was feeling fear and said Mamo Bahoo(Ghost) I tried to comedown her, and told her a story about a nation’s Ghosts. Real ghosts of  170 million people.   

As soon as you open the television you become conscious that Peoples Party’s Chairman, and Presedent of Islami Jhamoriya Pakisatan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, is either leaving or has already left Pakistan.   

I really wonder what he is running from. Pakistan’s existing confusion? Who’s actual cause is he him self and his so called party manifestos.   

After the elections, Mr. Zardari made several visits to USA, London, Saudi Arabia, Turky, Sweden and Dubai along with his own Jiyalys or personal jailbird friends. He does not even have time to justify his visits to the poor public who gave him the chance to be on this seat. “The only ministers” rather “ear-splitting amplifiers” in the party Mr. Rehman Malik keep explaining how busy he is looking after the part issues as well as his family. Busy in what? Family affairs? Or checking his properties, bank balance or for chill? 

Similarly Mr. Sharif also looking after Pakistan, while sitting in London Saudia or Dubai. He also does not have time to pay attention to the fundamental issues of country. Political and social Instability has already caused immeasurable loss to the poor people. 

Regardless of having several similarities between both of the leaders, they do not agree on numerous vital issues with each other. It might be the “Personal Grudge” which is keeping them distanced.  And why on earth Zardari will trust Sharif more than he can on Mr. Musharraf. During Mr. Sharif’s premiership, he initiated cases against Zardari and due to them he had to be in jail for eight years. But Musharraf not only released him from the jail but bestowed him with NRO. No wonder he trusts “the Iron Man” more that he does on Mr. Sharif. 

The most influential power in Pakistan these days is “Media”. These so called, news channels, journalists, analysts, anchors and media mafia have globally captured our political thoughts. Since most of Pakistani population is uneducated, they consider media the final authority.  In that scenario they are getting full advantage of the situation. Living example is Dr. Shahid Masood, who kept cursing every step taken by the former and existing government along with US policies towards Pakistan until the day he became M.D. PTV.  

These news channels are addictions; this mafia keeps you so busy that you do not even have time to look into the real picture. Every day you keep getting injected with elevated prices. In a country where average income is less than two dollars a day who will think where their leaders are? Who would like to pay attention to the political activities when people do not even have enough money to buy flour?  Why would they be interested to know about the chief justice issue (which is already past now?) 

This Slogan Roti, Kapra & Makan was so accurate. They have made all of these things BUT for them selves.

 To the people of Pakistan, the coalition leaders Mr. Zardari & Nawaz Sharif are practically deceased, only Pakistan’s private channels and press are keeping them alive.

 But all these leaders have forgotten a further reality about this country; that people are more awared than past now. They are trying to get knowledge; after all it is the mark of a “knowledged mind” to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

One is actually the democracy here, you know people are, people assume that this election means that there is democracy in Pakistan. There is no democracy

 TARAS KHA ESI MILAT PAR JO:Tohmaat sy pak or akedy sy khali ho 

TARAS KHA ESI MILAT PAR JO:wo zybtan karti ho jo os ny nahi bona, wo khati ho jo es ny nahi boya, wo sharab peti ho jo kisi or ny kasheed ki ho.

 TARAS KHA ESI MILAT PAR JO: Ghondy ko hero samjy or fathy ko jholi bhar bhar dowa dy

 TARAS KHA ESI MILAT PAR JO: neend min bahadar or jagty min bozdil ho

 TARAS KHA ESI MILAT PAR JO JIS:  ka modabir lomar or falsafi madri hon or hunar en ka sirf lipa poti or nakali ho

 TARAS KHA ESI MILAT PAR JIS:ki sada saway jalosy Janaza kabhi boland na ho, saway zory shamsheer kabhi garden na othy

 TARAS KHA ESI MILAT PAR JO:nakara baja kar nay Hakim ka istakbaal kary or awazy kas kar rokhsat kary or phir nakara bajy agly hakim k liy

 TARAS KHA ESI MILAT PAR JIS: ky danashmand girty wakt ky sath behry hoty chaly jain

 TARAS KHA ESI MILAT PAR JO: tokry tokry ho jay or har tokra khod ko Milat jainy .


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