PAKISTAN means Land of Pure

Real Pakistan and Pure PakitaniAs a Pakistani I watch and examine some news, stories and misinformation against it not only in Pakistani but also on international media and being a Pakistani we face.

Pakistan is one of the most significant country in the world these days particularly due to war against terrorism. Even Pakistan is one of the main issues of current USA politics. This is evident from the statements of US poleticians and current debates between US Presidential candidates.

Globally it appears that Pakistan is under fire all over the country so it is important to know Pakistan more in detail.

Pakistan is spread round about over 778,720 SQ KM and it’s among 10 most populated countries of the world. It is gateway to china and central Asian countries through Afghanistan. It also neighbors india and Iran.

Since Russian invasion to Afghanistan, Pakistan is front line state helping Afghanistan to make it a peaceful country where people can live and prosper. However Pakistan paid a cost for that and still paying. Those who do not want world peace become direct enemy of Pakistan and trying to damage its own Peace and Economy. Pakistan becomes target of terrorism. International and some  natinal media played a very negative role and instead of highlighting facts spread this violence in a way that magnifies the situation and helped the war loving people more as they find it helpful in getting their targets more easily.

It is a fact that Pakistan is under terrorist attacks but this is not the culture of Pakistan. Pakistan means Land of Pure and its entire population is peace loving and kind. Only few are doing inhuman things because of their ill intentions.

In this situation, Pakistan truly deserves Global support for her stand against terrorism. Most important thing to understand is that Pakistan is a big country as far as land is concerned. Anything bad definitely affects the whole country but physically it does not affect the whole system. People are doing their businesses and work, streets have traffic as usual. Shopping centers are busy. Education is going on and all other things belonging to life.

Karachi is my birth place and which is the biggest City of Pakistan and hub for major industrial, commercial and economical activities is getting a new look. A lot of progress has been made in recent years particularly in infra structure development. New projects are on their way. Sky scrappers are planned and will be there in few years time. This all indicates that potential is there and Pakistan is worth place to business with.

"Picture as abouve is my Real Pakistan and Pure Pakistani"

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